Start Developing Your Mobile Website

More and more people are using the Digital signature nowadays that’s why it’s very important to know how to develop a website that can be accessed through mobile phones. There was even a report last year that mentioned about 63 million people from the United States are using their mobile devices to access the internet. And just imagine there are also millions of people from around the globe who are using this kind of technology aside from the United States! The forecast shows that there will also be a growth in the number of users by the year 2013. Because of the high number of mobile users, there is also an increase in the need for making all the websites compatible with mobile devices.

If you own a website, you are now wondering how you can convert it to a mobile website so that it will display on small browsers correctly. You want to start on this project but you are worrying that you don’t have the necessary skill to start. Don’t fret because you actually don’t need to learn new technologies for mobile site design if that is your main concern. However, what you need are creative problem-solving skills for you to accomplish your goal.

There are a lot of things that you can do to start on your project. First, you can familiarize yourself with the Digital signature online that is available. This is important so you will be able to determine and finally decide on a certain platform that you can use to best optimize your site. The existing platforms today vary when it comes to operating systems, resolution, user interface and screen size. Windows mobile is known to be the most common platform, next is the Palm OS, Symbian OS, Mobile Linux, BlackBerry platform and of course the platform on iPhone which is becoming the sought after phone of the new generation. Another platform that is predicted to become a big hit is Android that is a result of the dealership of Verizon and Google.

You also have to take note that the users of mobile phones are the business users and the ones from the younger generation, this means that this is the type of audience that you need to target. Also, consider the specific brands of mobile phones. Business users and yuppies usually go for Windows mobile and Blackberry and the younger ones are more tech-savvy so they go for Android and iPhones.

The Power of Ruby for Mobile Software Development

The concept of mobile devices accessing the Web is the one that Ruby on Rails developers should keep in mind nowadays. Making your application available and user-friendly for smartphones and pockets PCs becomes an excellent opportunity to create an appealing product and gain a notable market share. Ruby on Rails, with its well-defined RESTful conventions, is an ideal backend for mobile applications. Mobile application developers can make use of both mobile and Web technologies, since it is fairly easy to leverage mobile development SDKs and frameworks with experience in Ruby.

For a quick and effective start, both Ruby developers and mobile application developers will need to familiarize themselves with tools for Ruby development and smartphone support. In this article, I tried to give a brief overview of the most popular tools that help create Ruby apps for mobile devices, including Rhodes for cross-platform apps, Ruboto for Android, IronRuby for Windows Mobile, and MacRuby for Apple iOS.

Building cross-platform mobile apps with Rhodes

The most Rails-like tool that Ruby on Rails developers can use to build Ruby apps for all major mobile operating systems is Rhodes. It is based on Web technologies and is aimed at Web developers and mobile application developers that want to apply their skills in Ruby development to the mobile apps world. Rhodes is an open-source framework that allows building native yet cross-platform apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian smartphones using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Rhodes applications show the performance and richness of native apps, while enabling mobile application developers to have the productivity of Web interfaces in HTML.

The tool also enables Ruby developers to create apps that use built-in smartphone features, such as geo positioning information, camera access, and personal information management. Ruby on Rails developers will have a quick start with Rhodes and will be able to get productive in a matter of days. Following the trend of accessing the development environment in the Cloud, the creators of Rhodes released RhoHub, the next generation of Development-as-a-Service for mobile platforms. RhoHub enables mobile application developers to build cross-platform Ruby applications online without installing SDKs for various smartphones locally.

Ruboto: JRuby for Android

The Android mobile platform had only supported Java up until recently. Now Ruby developers can also take advantage of it by using Ruboto, a development package for Android that allows creating applications using JRuby. Ruboto leverages the power of JRuby to open up the Android API. Mobile application developers can edit, save, and run scripts on the phone; access Preferences, SQLite, Media, Phone State, Sensors, UI, and much more.

Ruboto features the application generation command-line tool, which is basically a Ruby application generator for Ruboto apps. Though not fully functional to create complicated Ruby apps, this development package is great for testing, prototyping, and debugging.

IronRuby for Windows Mobile

IronRuby brings Ruby natively to the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) that runs on top of.NET. IronRuby supports all the features of the Ruby language. It also provides for integration of Ruby code and.NET Framework. Iron Ruby allows running Ruby on Rails development scenarios, such as migrating a database, generating a model, etc. Ruby developers can browse Rails documentation page on the IronRuby Web site to see the various scenarios in action.

The combination of IronRuby and the new Windows Phone 7 platform brings many possibilities to.NET Framework developers, mobile application developers, and to Ruby developers. You can expect that.NET developers will benefit from the incredible capacity of the Ruby language and Ruby on Rails developers, in their turn, can write mobile applications for Window Mobile more conveniently.


Apple’s lift of restrictions on developing apps for iPhone using languages other, than Objective-C, is a huge leap forward for the mobile development industry. Mobile application developers and Ruby developers interested in creating apps for iPhone should get acquainted with MacRuby. It is a fully fledged Ruby environment that can be used to build and run your Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications. The current release passes 90% of total RubySpecs. Ruby classes in MacRuby are in fact Objective-C classes and Ruby objects are actually Objective-C objects. Since it is not yet possible to completely express the Ruby semantics with the Objective-C runtime, MacRuby’s team has still a lot of work to do. While this work is in progress, it is the goal of MacRuby to enable the mobile application developers to create solutions that will not sacrifice the performance in order to enjoy the benefits of using Ruby.

As you can see, there are plenty of tools that help Ruby on Rails developers implement their skills to build mobile applications for various platforms. With a little time and patience to study the peculiarities of various platforms and frameworks, mobile application developers would be able to create functional applications using their present knowledge of Ruby.

WeFi Software For Your Mobile and PC

WeFi is some uniquely viable Wi-Fi software that has the ability of detecting a new internet access point thus providing the first platform for you to map onto it. It also offers users instant messaging service, provide you the accessibility to create a buddy list thus viewing an inventory of connected friends and developing link with previously connected networks. The WeFi is a new system that can be easily integrated into your mobile device.

Besides, this WeFi software can also be applied in your computer or laptop as it is capable of detecting all Wi-Fi spots of internet connection within your range of vicinity then automatically connect your device to the strongest connection line. In terms of how the software system works, here is a brief example that illustrates the coordination. Should there be a user “A” who tries to connect to a “un-WeFied” territory; the software will instantaneously search for the best connection available in its positional region. The information will then be transmitted to the WeFi server.

If there happens to be another user “B” who tries to connect to the same access point, this Wi-Fi software will use the existing connectivity data that has been accumulated thus saving effort and time. When there are more users who join into the range of network, more Wi-Fi data will be stored and mapped onto the directory. This is certainly a shorter pathway to search for free Wi-Fi much more conveniently. The universal Wi-Fi is mapped by the users hence developing a virtual wireless network.

WeROK is the WeFi software that links the mobile headsets to the internet by going through the Wi-Fi interface. Besides, it also provides free mobile television and free mobile email services. The WeROK operates on all Wi-Fi systems including the Windows, Symbian S60, and the Android mobile while some other models are making this software compatible too. For now, it can be used by Nokia phone models ranging from the E series to all the N series. Basically it supports virtually all the Wi-Fi enabled windows namely the Nokia Symbian, Android and Mac.

Computer systems & Technology Journal Subscription Presents (UK Only)

The Lewisville Public Library provides free access to 60 public use computer systems to library cardholders in good standing or a in the future Guest Move if eligible. I hope you get the point I’m making. Sustain with the latest tech traits (you may easily do this right here at ) but do not “pull the set off” till the pattern becomes established and prices drop. This provides you with a lower price and also helpful recommendation from individuals who have been utilizing that know-how for a couple years ahead of you. They pay the value in time and money in order that you do not have to! Hope this helps tame the brand new know-how beast for you. Computer expertise is in every single place! In this day and age, our children are the Digital Natives” while WE are the Digital Immigrants”. Although that’s not going to alter, the Laptop curriculum at SLKF strives to harness the scholars’ aptitude and put it to make use of whereas incorporating the fundamental ideas of technology and computers.

All academics have been in-serviced on primary computer expertise, Internet utilization for analysis, and expertise that has been implemented in classrooms. College students are inspired to use word processing for assignments and presentation software program for his or her presentations. Social financial status may additionally prevent some students to get pleasure from the benefits of know-how that is supplied in school. There are college students who don’t have computer systems at dwelling, so while they will access it at their faculty, they’ll have bother keeping up with their lessons at residence. Another drawback of know-how in schools is the cost. This includes the price of the gadget itself and the training that is required for the school of the school.

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Communications protocols outline the foundations and data formats for exchanging info in a pc community, and supply the premise for community programming Properly-known communications protocols are Ethernet , a hardware and Link Layer standard that’s ubiquitous in local area networks , and the Internet Protocol Suite , which defines a set of protocols for internetworking, i.e. for knowledge communication between a number of networks, in addition to host-to-host information switch, and utility-specific information transmission formats.