5 reasons to choose a Dedicated Server for your site

A dedicated server is a physical server which is rented from a dedicated server provider and which is used by individual or company for their website. Choosing the kind of infrastructure means you’ve got the ‘its physical server rather than a virtual server that is shared by potentially hundreds of other users on the same physical server. Cloud or shared resource server is shared between all users on a particular server. A cloud server is designed to offer storage and virtual resources, not providing efficient resources. If it is a high-performance hosting solution you’re looking to set up, the dedicated server is a better choice.

5 reasons to choose a Dedicated Server for your site

1. The Dedicated Server is cost-effective

A dedicated server is the most cost-efficient choice and also the best worth for money within the long-term. Cloud servers appear cheaper than a dedicated server, but the dedicated server will offer more in the way of resources and the number of clients you can serve at one time. Your dedicated server provider will handle everything from keeping the network to provide and maintain server hardware. When you rent the server of the provider, they are also responsible for resolving any issues if something goes wrong.

2. On the basis of Ability to adjust

When choosing a dedicated server, you can customize the hardware to your specifications. Whether it’s more of RAM, extra hard disk space or even faster CPU, all customized hardware. Additionally, if you need more resources in the future, you can contact your service provider and ask for an upgrade to suit growing business needs. Dedicated servers can be used for a number of different applications because they are very flexible. Many users use a dedicated server to run a web hosting environment, while other applications including database storage and access, setup custom virtualization, VPN, email servers and more.

3. On the basis of security

Your dedicated server is for you to use just as the name aptly suggests. With a cloud server, the server is divided among all the clients that are in a particular physical server, and consequently, you are not the only user who can log into the server, this increases the risk of data loss, infiltration and interception. In other words, your data is much safer on a dedicated server rather than on the server cloud. No matter what industry your business operates in, there is a good chance you handle sensitive data and information on a regular basis.

This is particularly true of eCommerce business because their customers often collect personal data and payment information having a dedicated server suggests that you’ll be able to access the very best level of security out there and customize to your own wants. You and your customers can enjoy the added peace of mind and your business may be able to avoid infringement crippling data.

4. On the basis Flexibility for Your wants

Dedicated servers are simply customizable, so you can modify and upgrade the specifications of your servers as your business grows. For example, as your website begins to visualize multiplied web traffic, you’ll be able to simply upgrade your monthly information measure allowance to accommodate it. The same thing applies to adjust DDoS protection and other features as business need change.

The level of customization simply not available with shared hosting services. One of the biggest disadvantages of this type of plan is that you inherently share all of your server resources with other users. This means that if another user website looks past high traffic, your site might run out of resources needed to run smoothly, which can affect your user experience. It is a risk that you simply cannot afford to take if you want your business to be successful and build a great reputation.

With a dedicated server, you do not need to worry regarding sharing resources. Bandwidth and alternative specifications that you just obtain very dedicated to your website 100% of the time. If you’re thinking about self-hosting or on-site hosting for your business, you may want to reconsider. Up-front costs of buying and storing your own server hardware can be very large – and if you do not really believe in your technical knowledge, you can get your business up for failure. And of course, there are also inherent costs that come along with keeping your own server hardware including hiring qualified employees. You can avoid all of these costs and hassles by choosing a dedicated server instead, which free up your time to spend on other important aspects of your business growth.

5. On the basis of Improve in Business Operations

Making the most of your dedicated web hosting plan starts with selecting the best company dedicated hosting. Be sure to look for companies that offer custom dedicated server options that will suit your needs to grow. Your host should also offer some key features, such as DDoS protection, quality data centers, and 24/7 technical support.